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Profile of our graduates


The undergraduate program in geosciences at Universidad de Los Andes has been designed to provide our graduates with the appropriate skills to be successful and productive pursuing academic career, or working in the industry or in the public sector.

The geoscientists from Universidad de Los Andes may have a career in the mining or in the energy sectors. They can be consultants or participants in mining or oil and gas projects, as well as in projects to evaluate and mitigate environmental impacts. They can also pursue an academic career as researchers and teachers, or as scientists in private and public research facilities. The activities they do may include field work, lab work and office work. 

The field work usually consists of performing observations and taking samples at remote outdoor locations, which will be later analyzed at the lab. This is done by conducting experiments and proposing computational models to validate theories about a wide range of phenomena. The results of this work is the subject of reports, presentations and technical papers. The reports and presentations are useful in making decisions at public and private organizations. The technical papers are published in international journals, and are presented in professional conferences around the world.

The fields in which our graduates can have a career include:

  •   Doing research and teaching in geosciences.
  •   Assessment and mitigation of natural risks such as earthquakes, floods, landslides, volcanic eruptions, climatic phenomena, etc.
  •   Responsible and efficient exploration and exploitation of mining and hydrocarbon resources.
  •   Paleontology, searching and studying fossils.
  •  Planetary sciences.
  •   Oceanic sciences.

Why Study Geosciences At Universidad de los Andes?

We live in a planet with great beauty and complexity. We get from it everything that we need to live. Understanding the complexity of our planet is essential to preserve its beauty and to guarantee our survival. What was the origin of Earth? What are its relationships with other planets and with the space around it? What are the forces that have transformed it for billions of years? Where are the natural resources that we need to meet our needs? What is our impact on the planet and on other living forms that share the planet with us? What natural risks threaten us and how can we mitigate them? These are just a few of the fascinating questions faced by geoscientists. If you feel passionate about answering them, geosciences might be a career for you.

The undergraduate program at the Department of Geosciences of Universidad de Los Andes offers a modern, comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach that makes it unique in Colombia. The program is taught by a faculty body with international standards of quality. This is accomplished through lectures, lab sessions, individual attention, and field trips to national and international destinations. All these factors combine to prepare the geosciences graduate to continue his/her studies at the best graduate schools around the world, or to start his/her professional career with the best employers in the country. The tradition of excellence and the prestige of Universidad de Los Andes make its graduates highly valued and desired by the best companies and institutions in the country.







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