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Office: M1-306


Ph.D. in Geophysics, University of Toronto.
Canada, 2005.




Interests: Physics of the Earth’s crust and how it deforms in response to both short and long-timescale forcing. Current research areas include: active tectonics, geodesy, radar interferometry (InSAR), volcanic deformation processes (magma transport, dike intrusions), and the crust’s response to human activities such as groundwater withdrawal, resource extraction and carbon capture and storage.

Selected publications

Pearse, J., V. Singhroy, S. Samsonov and J. Li (2014) "Anomalous surface heave induced by enhanced oil recovery in northern Alberta: InSAR observations and numerical modelling", JGR-Solid Earth 119(8), 6630-6649

Pearse, J. and P. Lundgren, (2013) "Source model of deformation at Lazufre volcanic center, central Andes, constrained by InSAR time series", Geophys. Res. Lett. 40(6), 1059-1064

Fialko, Y. and J. Pearse (2012), "Sombrero uplift above the Altiplano-Puna magma body: evidence of a ballooning midcrustal diapir", Science 338 (6104), 250-252.

Pearse, J. and Y. Fialko (2010), "Mechanics of active magmatic intraplating in the Rio Grande Rift near Socorro, New Mexico", JGR-Solid Earth (115-B7), 1978-2012

Pearse, J. and R.C. Bailey (2007) "Density contrast instabilities in finite element modelling of slow viscous flow", J. Computational Fluid Dynamics 21(2), 121-126

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