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Office: H-000

Phone: +57-1-3394949, Ext. 5190


Academic formation:

2003: Bachelor’s Degree in Geology. Universidad de Oviedo (Spain).

2006: Diploma in Advanced Studies (equivalent to MSc). Universidad de Oviedo (Spain).

2011: PhD in Geology. Universidad de Oviedo (Spain).


Professional experience:

2013 – 2015: Postdoctoral Research Fellow. Stellenbosch University (South Africa).

2015 – 2017: Postdoctoral Fellowship. Universidad de Los Andes (Colombia). Lecturer of the Geosciences course.



The anatectic melting of metasedimentary rocks and the geochemistry of major and trace elements of melts and magmas. Petrology, geochemistry and petrogenesis of S- and I-type granites. Metamorphic complexes in collision zones.


Selected publications:

2018: García-Arias, M., Díez Montes, A., Villaseca, C., Blanco-Quintero, I.F. Cambro-Ordovician Ollo de Sapo magmatism in the Iberian Massif and its Variscan evolution: a review. Earth-Science Reviews 176, 345-372.

2017: García-Moreno, O., Corretgé, L.G., Holtz, F., García-Arias, M., Rodríguez, C. (2017). Phase relations in the Cabeza de Araya cordierite monzogranite, Iberian Massif: implications for the formation of cordierite in a crystal mush. Geologica Acta 15, 337-359.

García-Arias, M., Stevens, G. (2017b). Phase equilibrium modelling of granite magma petrogenesis: B. An evaluation of the magma compositions that result from fractional crystallization. Lithos 277, 109-130.

García-Arias, M., Stevens, G. (2017a). Phase equilibrium modelling of granite magma petrogenesis: A. An evaluation of the magma compositions produced by crystal entrainment in the source. Lithos 277, 131-153.

2015: García-Arias, M., Corretgé, L. G., Fernandez, C., Castro, A. (2015): Water present melting in the middle crust: the case of the Ollo de Sapo gneiss in the Iberian Massif (Spain). Chemical Geology 419, 176-191.

2012: García-Arias, M., Corretgé, L. G., Castro, A. (2012): Trace element behaviour during partial melting of Iberian orthogneisses: an experimental study. Chemical Geology 292-293, 1-17.

2011: Castro, A., Moreno-Ventas, I., Fernández, C., Vujovich, G., Gallastegui, G., Heredia, N., Martino, R. D., Becchio, R., Corretgé, L. G., Díaz-Alvarado, J., García-Arias, M., Liu, D. Y. (2011): Petrology, emplacement and SHRIMP U-Pb zircon geochronology of Cordilleran granitoids of the Bariloche area, Argentina. Journal of South American Earth Sciences 32, 508-530.

2010: García-Arias, M., Corretgé, L. G., Castro, A. (2010): Experimental simulation of melt migration in stromatic metatexite migmatites. Mineralogy and Petrology 99, 153-164.

García-Arias, M., Corretgé, L. G. (2010): Modelos termodinámicos y petrología experimental: el caso de la fusión anhidra del gneis “Ollo de Sapo” (Thermodynamic models and experimental petrology: the case of the anhydrous melting of the “Ollo de Sapo” gneiss). Estudios Geológicos 66, 57-64.



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