Curso Electivo: Topics in Economic Geology and Exploration

Código: GEOC-3801

Profesor: Bogdan Nitescu

Prerrequisitos: GEOC 2040 Y (GEOC 3018 O GEOC 3028) (Geología Estructural y (Geofísica de Exploración o Petrología)


Curso dictado en inglés


This elective course is intended for senior students interested in pursuing careers with exploration and mining companies, service companies (geophysical survey organizations, drilling companies, analytical geochemistry laboratories), government regulatory agencies and geological surveys. The course will allow students to become familiar with the most important aspects regarding the activities, work-flows, management and the economics of mineral exploration projects.


The topics discussed will include:


·      Review of different major types of mineral deposits (spatial, temporal and geologic setting, processes of formation, physical and chemical characteristics).

·      Exploration techniques employed for the discovery and delineation of mineral deposits (geological, geophysical, geochemical techniques).

·      Exploration stages.

·      The management of exploration programs.

·      The management of mineral exploration data.

·      Factors (geological and non-geological) that determine the viability of an exploration project.

·      Mineral economics and financial aspects of exploration.

·      Regulatory aspects of exploration activities (land management, permitting, reporting of results, reporting and disclosure standards).

·      Environmental issues related to exploration and mining.


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